April 24, 2010

Two for the Biltmore Estate, please!

Since we were all the way out here, we thought that we should visit the Biltmore Estate while we could. We'd already seen Hearst Castle, Jefferson's Monticello, so why not another grand home!

As we were pulling into the area, the trees were so pretty, tall and green!!! It was lovely for sure. We found our way to the Welcome Center, and then to the great lawn that leads down to the home.

You can get married on this lawn, overlooking the estate. There was a couple there investigating the spot for their wedding next year. I'd say it was a good pick!!

The sky was so blue and it was the most perfect day!!!

We took the audio tour and went through all the rooms in the house that you're allowed to. Brett did try a door to see if there was other rooms for us to explore, and of course I swatted his hand away in fear that we might get busted and escorted out. Of course, though, nothing of that nature happened, and so we were fine. Of course. :)

After the tour, we walked down to the Festival of Flowers. Oh my, the tulips....they were amazing!! They went on and on, and I couldn't get enough.

Around the corner, there were so many azaleas too! We came at the perfect time in my opinion. The roses weren't in bloom, but I've seen plenty of those in the SB Rose Garden, so I was thrilled at our timing!

While we were at the Biltmore, I had posted about it on Facebook...and luckily, got a great recommendation for our lunch stop on the way back. We found Tupelo Honey Cafe, the south location, and stopped in for a quick bite to eat.

I love that there was sweet tea on the menu. I enjoyed my tomato soup and grilled cheese very much. Brett ordered a rueben, and I laughed so hard when he asked "What is that?", in reference to the sauerkraut. He made a funny face about it, right as the waitress came up and asked how everything was. I cracked up even harder when Brett, very quickly, turned his grimace into a smile and replied "Great!".


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