April 19, 2010

A Love Story :: Laura and Benjamin

I should have posted these almost 2 months ago.....but I never got around to it. Now just looking at them is making me miss my LB even more. Boo!

When we knew that Ben was coming into town...and that there *might* be a special surprise during his visit, I put the idea into LB's head that maybe we could take some fun shots while he was here. So....after "it" happened....we made our plans. We headed out to walk the grounds of The Biltmore and then popped over to Butterfly Beach.

With the upcoming, now past, move of Laura's to the east coast...."Oh, Santa Barbara.....", was said many, many, times during our afternoon. The spots that we spent our time were the perfect places to make more SB memories.

I was so excited to shoot these of Laura and Benjamin the day after they were engaged, and can't wait until their wedding in August in Ohio! Woohoo!!