May 3, 2009

Sunday Funday

We opened more presents on Sunday morning....this time for Brett's mom, Betty. It was her birthday, and so we did a little more singing, and celebrating. It's neat that Brett and his mom's birthdays are just a few days apart....just like mine and my mom.

We decided to go to The Daily Grind for lunch (my favorite sandwich in SB so far), and while we were ordering, thought that it'd be fun to get our orders to go, and take them to the park to eat.

It was a beautiful day in SB, and we all enjoyed our lunches outside.

We were at Kid's World....and 8000 square foot playground at Alameda Park. It had a HUGE castle with a maze that you can go through, all sorts of things to climb on, and unusually large sea animals for the kids to play on too.

Loralyn had the best balance out of all of us!

Uncle Brett ran all around the playground and castle with Loralyn.

It was a great way to wrap up the weekend hanging with Brett's family!! We get to see them in their town in just a few weeks....I'm sure we'll have more fun then!

PS. I just realized that poor Rob is in the corner of just ONE picture!! Next time I'll be more conscious about it and be sure to get a lot of him!! :)

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Autie said...

I know not having more pictures of Rob was unintentional on your part, but probably very intentional on his part. You'll have to work real hard to get him in more shots. Love all the moments you captured though!!