May 9, 2009

Saturday Morning....Country Fun!!!

When I heard Kru barking from my window, I thought that the boys had started the morning country festivities without me, so I jumped out of bed on Saturday morning around 730am. Turns out that it was the HS swim team kids. Kyle's dad is the HS swim coach, and they all gather at the Baker house before the meet. I was glad that I hadn't missed out on any of the fun.

After they left, Kyle and his mom started to make some breakfast. Kyle was making pancakes, and Brett requested a Mickey Mouse one. It actually turned out pretty good.....but tasted even better!

After we were stuffed from breakfast, we went outside to play a quick round of Country Golf. What does this mean, you ask? Well, you find a place to start, drop the ball, and then pick a place where the hole is. For our first hole, we started on the side of the house, and had to hit the telephone pole across the street. Remember that we are in the country, so this is perfectly acceptable and OK....just had to look out for oncoming trucks. I think that I've only tried to hit a golf ball one other unsuccessful time in my life, so it was rather interesting with me as a player. I did manage to get a few shots in, and on hole 1, Kyle was at 2, Brett was at 4, and I think I was at 7 or 8. We did that for a little bit more before I left them to their fun to get showered.

When I came back outside, I found them hanging out with Ryan where they were loading the .22 Ruger rifle. We all took turns, and to my surprise, I wasn't half bad....definitely better at the shooting than the golfing.

We packed up and got on the road to our destination for the afternoon/evening.....Yosemite National Park!! Woohoo!! Stay tuned!!!

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jamiedelaine said...

Country Golf. That is so classic. Hahah!!