December 23, 2009

So, what does the ring look like?

It seems that is the next question after "How did he propose?", is usually, "What does the ring look like?", so I thought I'd answer that question. I took a really shoddy picture when I was at work with my phone that I was sending out, but when I told Brett that after work today, he wouldn't have anything to do with that. So, he grabbed the nice camera and took a few shots. Then he fixed it all up and made it pretty, so I thought to share. :)

It's a sparkling round diamond in the center. There is a peek-a-boo diamond in the band right below it. The sides pinch in to meet in the center and they also have little diamonds on them. It's beautiful and was WAY more than I ever expected.

But, I like to tell I'll share a few other things with you.

He picked the ring out all by himself. We never had any conversations about what I liked, or anything of that nature. I'm actually glad because I really had no idea how to even answer that question. I didn't even care if I got a ring, I just knew that I wanted to marry him, with or without a ring. When we first started dating, his friends joked with him that any girl he ever dated would have to be okay with getting a CZ if it ever came to it. I said at that time, and still meant it, that I didn't care either. turns out that Brett changed his mind....and in a big way. When he retold the story of him and Dave at the jewelry shop, he said that he was asking the girl about a bigger diamond when he was looking at them. I think he got a little giddy when it came down to picking one out. He told me that he started to think that this was something that I was going to wear for the rest of my life, and so he wanted to get me something nice. The one he picked out for my ring is beautiful and I couldn't imagine it being any different. He said that when he saw this setting, he knew it was the one. :)

The funny thing is, that I also had no idea that he'd even gone to the store. He said that for the last 10 days or so, he had to be sure to have a legitimate reason for doing everything that he was doing so that he wouldn't have to lie to me about what he was doing. So, when he said that he was going into LA to meet Dave for a birthday breakfast last week, I thought nothing of it. Well, not nothing, I thought it was incredibly sweet and I was glad that he did it. When I asked him how his morning went, he said that they had breakfast and then spent a bit of time in Best Buy. Typical. :) He just left out the part about how he also spent some time at the jewelry store.

I came home from work today with a folded mess of yellow notepad paper taped to the back part of it so it would stay on, which Brett was disgusted with, so we found a local jewelry shop that fixed me up with a spacer, or whatever you want to call it, that will suffice until we can get to Burbank to get it sized. I am not sure that I will give it up for any amount of time to have them fix it, so we'll just have to wait and see how that one goes. :)


Mary Marantz said...

It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!! xoxoxo

Shyla said...

I need to come take pictures.

Well done B-man...welllll done :)

Shyla said...

and probably the best engagement ring shot Ive ever seen! You have now set the bar for women everywhere who try to take pictures of their hands ;)

All Things BD said...

What the heck?!? I go offline for a few days, and look what happens! Congratulations on your engagement. What a wonderful Christmas surprise for you. Your ring is beautiful, and I am so happy for you and Brett!

Amy said...

GREAT picture and story to boot!