December 5, 2009

Handel's what??

We got a mailer with information on Handel's Messiah at The Granada a week or so ago. I'm always up for doing something new, and so when Laura asked if we wanted to go, I immediately said "Sure!".

She got the tickets. We got all dressed up. Brett came to get us, and we were on our way. As we were walking into the theater, I commented that, "I have no idea what to expect for tonight.". I hadn't really looked to learn what this was all about, I just knew it was songs and about the story of Jesus. Ok, that all sounds good to me.

We walked in to find our seats. The usher said we were in the 2nd row, and at first, we were like "Whoa! Great tickets, LB!". We were stoked until we got up to our seats, and realized that, "Oh, we are in the 2nd row.". We were almost licking the stage and all we could see was feet.

Looking up to the stage, I saw a bunch of people warming up their instruments. Their string instruments. It was an orchestra on stage. Surprise #1.

After everyone was in their seats, the choir walked in to take their spots, and then lastly the conductor and 4 soloists. At this point, I was kind of clued into what I was in for.

It was a lot of orchestra music and a lot of repetitive singing. The soloists were right there.....they could see our every I paid close attention. I appreciate the story of the songs, and the bits of the lyrics that I could understand....but, it just really wasn't my cup of tea. I'm more of a musical kind of gal. At intermission, Laura and Brett had a good time chuckling at my reaction. We cheated and moved back a few rows to open seats, and the 2nd part was much more enjoyable. I was able to see more than just the 2nd chair cello's feet, so it was good.

Regardless, I was happy for the new experience and enjoyed getting out, getting dressed up, and a nice night on the town with wonderful loved ones. :)

A few friends of Laura's came over afterwards for dessert. We had a great time laughing with friends and we all enjoyed the deliciousness that LB had cooked up!!

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Marisa said...

oooh oooh we are going to handel's messiah next weekend with the seattle symphony!! i am excited (but i know what i'm in for)...i can't wait to get dressed up and enjoy a night out with friends too! (i just realized i never called you back. i suck. will remedy that soon).