October 10, 2009

Saturday in Vegas :: Part I :: Red Rock Canyon

Barb, Alex and Jessica showed up at the Bollman house on Saturday morning and we were all ready for our Saturday adventure in Vegas. When I had gotten Autumn's email earlier in the week saying that we were going to have a picnic and go for a hike at Red Rock Canyon, I was super excited. I'm also glad that she had told me this in advance so I packed the right things. :)

We piled into two cars, and made a quick stop at the grocery store to get our sandwiches. We drove about 15 minutes outside of the city and came upon a really beautiful part of Las Vegas.

The boys got the cooler and we headed up the bridges to find a place to eat. Turns out that the only place that benches were was at the bottom, so we found ourselves a nice table and setup shop.

We enjoyed our sammies, chips, cookies and more. We were loaded up on food so we would have some energy before heading out towards the rocks.

I loved the way these yellow flowers looked against the blue sky. It was a perfectly clear day, and only in the 70s. Of course I had everyone stop for a group shot!

I had so much fun getting shots of everyone at the team event earlier this week that I decided to keep it up on our hike. Here are the brave few that made it off the bridge path to the rocky area. Loralyn was with us for a while too....she would have gone all the way to the top with us had we let her I'm sure!

There were just too many fun photo opportunities. Here are a few. :)

Such a beautiful day!!! The clouds were so crazy cool that day. The breeze was just enough so that we weren't burning up.

We found a few spots to jump in to (literally) in the rocks.

This was the smallest cave we saw.....BUT it was big enough for two of us....kind of. :)

Some of the fun that was happening down below as the 5 of us made our way to the top.

Check out the view from the middle. You can see the parking lot on the middle left of this shot. There wasn't a beaten path to the top, it was all just working our way through the rocks.

We were about 75% of the way up to the top....and I was happy with THAT spot being MY top. Brett and Jessica went on, while Alex, Autumn and I caught our breath for a little bit.

It only took the two of them just a few minutes to make it all the way, and not too long after, they were up there....looking down at us. They had made it. Alex quickly claimed that he wasn't going to let his sister show him up, so he took off after them.

Brett convinced Autumn and me to also join them, so after a breather, we made our way up. Up, up, up, and we were there.

And ok, it was worth it. The view from the top was pretty amazing.

We defaced the red rocks a little bit to show our love. (Not really....just used other rocks to write on the red rock. It's not permanent....just for fun!).

Accomplishing something like this is a lot of fun. Like in the past, I wouldn't have made it to the top if I hadn't had Brett pushing me to get there. :)

It was a fantastic afternoon with everyone!! I really love doing things like this and it's even more fun to do it people who you love!!

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~Kara~ said...

pics dont get any better than that! those are awesome! makes me feel like I'm there! Gorgeous mountains!