October 29, 2009

Mom in SB!

Yeah!! My 2nd visitor to come see me in SB....my Mom!! My Dad was supposed to come too, but had to handle some work things at the last minute. :(

So, I picked up my mom at the SB airport this afternoon right around noon. We were both starved, so the first stop in SB was at In N Out for a little California burger. We came back to my office and I put her into my boss' office that he doesn't ever use. She ate and read while I finished up some work stuff before I could leave for the day. I don't think she minded being at the office for a bit....especially since one of the guys I worked with said to her "Oh, you must be Annemarie's sister". Yeah, she liked that very much. :)

Once I was finished up at work, the next stop was for a tasty treat down on State. We saw this license plate in the parking lot, and I think that it's rather truthful. Who can't love SB?

We stopped in to say hello to Emily and Amy at the coffee shop, and then headed over to my favorite place....Blenders. As hard as I try, I can't NOT get the Mocha when I'm there. Oh well....at least I know what I like! :)

We made a quick trip to Trader Joe's to be sure we had some essentials for the weekend, and then headed back to my house for dinner. I whipped up some Italian concoction, and Brett came to meet us.

After dinner we turned to the Scrabble board. It was a close game but I actually ended up pulling out the win by 7 points.

It'll be a fun filled, and picture filled, couple of days here in SB with my Mom so check back for more!!

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