October 23, 2009


This week in Orlando has been really great. After a great Tuesday....it just got better!!

Chris and I setup the booth....aren't we cute? :)

The conference started on Wednesday late afternoon....and then the Trade Show was open! We were busy the entire time. I think that I talked for 3 hours straight that first night. I was also smiling the whole night too. Seriously....a great work show!

Thursday was more of the same, and then we had our Appo-Tini event that night. It was a gathering of customers and prospects who wanted to learn more about AppFolio. We were expecting about 50 people to show up. We had more than 3 times that...and everyone loved it.

It was such a great testament to what we are doing....and we were all so proud!

The last afternoon was also so wonderful. The best part of it though, was when NARPM awarded us 2009 Affiliate of the Year. How cool is that?? We went up to accept the award, and I almost started to tear up while we were up there. What IS wrong with me? :) It was the proudest moment I've ever had with any company I've ever worked with. So incredibly awesome.

The whole way home I was just beaming. After I got home I couldn't stop raving about the trip and how awesome work is!! It was a wonderful week in Orlando...but I'm SO glad to be home!! :)

PS. Check out the Press Release that we were in too!! http://www.prweb.com/releases/appfolio-property-manager/narpm-affiliate-award/prweb3114304.htm

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jamiedelaine said...

I am so HAPPY for your and all the success in your new job. Sounds like you are just loving it. So awesome.