October 17, 2009

Apple Pie Muffins!!!

This week went by both slow and a little bit fast too. Brett has been a little bit under the weather so I've been enjoying taking care of him, bringing or cooking him dinner so he eats after work every night this week.

I worked some really long days this week in prep for our trip to Orlando on Monday. I'm looking forward to a great and productive trip with great people!!

I bought (way too many) apples last time I went to Costco. I am not sure how I thought I was going to personally get through all of them before they went bad. So, on Thursday, I asked Laura what I would need to get to make the delicious apple muffins that she did earlier last month. I only shared one with Danielle at that time, but I haven't gotten them out of my head since then.

So, I got the few things that we needed, and this morning....after I did some cleaning, got the motivation to make them. I read Laura's blog...and she's always saying...."you can do this" after she shows what she whipped up and shares the recipes. I decided to put that logic to the test.

I got started, realized that I needed some more brown sugar, so made a quick trip to the store, and then came back to mash together all the yummy ingredients to make the Apple Pie Muffins.

It wasn't that bad. None of the steps were too hard, it just took a lot of bowls, and I made a big mess of the kitchen. I doubled the recipe because I knew I wanted a big batch. I made 6 extra large muffins and 23 smaller ones....then I proceeded to invite anyone who wanted one to come over and enjoy.

I had a few takers. Bethany came by to visit for a while and loved them. Camille, Amy and Emily came by for a bit too and took a few others off my hands. LB had one of course, and I was pleased to get her stamp of approval on my kitchen escapade.

There are still several leftover....so, if you're in SB....come and get yourself one. That is, if you get here before Danielle and Erik come back and devour the ones that are left. :)


Beankountess said...

They look great ! I was hoping you would blog like Pioneer Woman and give us the 'cast of ingredients' along with a step by step photo of the baking process. ;-)

spiffyadam said...

I just made these for some co-workers, and they were going crazy. I added about a tsp. of cinnamon to the actual batter, as well as some cardamom spice. Otherwise, I followed your instructions and got great results. Not bad for a random Google search of "apple pie muffin."

Unknown said...

@spiffyadam Thanks for the comment!! I owe the recipe to http://lbinsb.blogspot.com. She's the one that I got it from...and tasted them first from. They are truly AMAZING! So glad you were able to share with your co-workers too!!