October 19, 2009

Off to MCO

Had a demo call at 6am this morning from my house. She had to cut me short at around 640am because her kids missed the bus and she had to go. No biggie. I worked on a few other things while I waited for my CFO to pick me up for work. Crazy morning.

10am we left the office to get to SB airport for our 11am flight. This is the first time in about 5 years that I can remember even checking my bag. I knew that Albert was going to, so I went ahead and took my big tube of toothpaste, my face soap, and big bottle of hairspray.

$20 and the most thorough, 15 minute unpack and repacking exploration by TSA of my suitcase, later...my bag was on the carosel to by loaded to the plane.

We were supposed to leave at 1105am but was delayed. At first until 1210pm. Then until 115pm. We got on the plane....pulled back from the gate...and then proceeded to go back to the gate...get off the plane...and wait another hour or so. At this point, we were going to miss our connection if it was on time.

Well, we left SB at around 240, landed SFO at 340 and made it to our delayed 335pm flight by running from gate to gate. There is nothing worse really than running to catch a flight. Was glad I didn't have my bag with me then. :)

So....we got on our flight and proceeded to make it through the 5 hour journey. Albert and I had some great work talk...usually not my thing when I'm on planes....but I'm at the point now where I'm super excited about my job. I've hit my stride, I know what I'm doing, and I really like it....so we did work. Then we chatted a bit just about life....and then I decided to read.

It's been ages since I've read a book period, and even longer since I've chosen to READ, instead of sleep, on a plane. LB gave me this book before I left....I started it....and got hooked.

I would recommend this book for ANY woman that has ANY relationship with a man in their life. Be it, boyfriend, husband or son. It was a very clear understading of how men are truly different than we are....and a look into their inner lives. Very good info, and super easy to read. Do yourself a favor and go get it.

The 2nd half of this pic is my dinner on the plane. I went with the turkey bacon cobb salad....and it was delightful. I ate the entire thing, AND all the fruit. Nice!

We made it to Orlando after midnight. Got the rental. Made it to the hotel. Waited almost an hour to get checked in, and finally got to our "upgraded" rooms around 2am.

A SUPER long day, but glad that we're here!! Will be doing a lot of work stuff over the next few days! It's going to be a great trip, but I'm already looking forward to Friday to get home. I just don't like to be away anymore . :)

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