October 30, 2009

TGIF in SB!!

woke up nice and early as usual and got myself to work for the last day of this month. I left my Mom at home but knew that she'd have plenty to do with herself while I was wrapping up my day.

Turns out that she went on a few walks, and really enjoyed all the pretty flowers and houses around my neighborhood. One of the pics that she took on her walks was of this friendly little hummingbird!!

After I was finished I picked Mom up and we went on a drive. I had a few errands to run, and then afterwards, we ended up at Alice Keck Park. I knew that she would love this place...it's FILLED with a different kinds of flowers. We had a great time walking the park and scoping out all the varieties of buds.

We got back in the car and just drove around the neat streets of downtown SB. My Mom kept commenting on how many pretty roses there were everywhere....so I had a treat in mind. I pulled up to the Mission and told her to close her eyes. I walked her across the street and told her to open them as we were gazing at the Rose Garden! Talk about pretty roses....they were everywhere.

The yellow ones have always been my favorite. I love the way they smell....just like apple juice. :)

The sun was starting to set, and since we were already downtown, Brett just came to meet us down there. We had great intentions of getting to the top of the City building to watch the sun go down, but we missed it right after it closed for the night. So, instead, we walked around, took some fun pics around downtown.

Another short stroll and we chose Carlito's for dinner. They had some of the best guacamole I've had yet in CA and the bean/corn salsa was delicious too!!

Luckily my Mom and I shared a plate because I think we got too stuffed on the chips and guac!

We retired to the casa and decided to go for another round of Scrabble....but this time, Super Scrabble. The board is bigger, complete with quadruple letter and word scores, and about twice as many tiles.

The game took almost 3 hours and Mom beat us both...not a surprise. The scores were all above 400...I was about 30 points behind in the end. Not too shabby for BINGOing twice in one game. Mom is just THAT much better than us!!

Was another great day in SB!! The weather couldn't be acting any better for my Mom's visit!!

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Marisa said...

no fair - carlitos!!! that is one of my sb faves...i am jealous! and i love molly's cameo in the scrabble game photo :) meow! bert & ernie say "hi molly!".