October 6, 2009

The A Team

We put the date on our calendars a while ago.....we were instructed to block out from 11-6pm on Tuesday. We really didn't know what was in store for us. We were instructed to wear jeans, but not "date jeans", and closed toe shoes. We would be getting dirty but not getting wet. Bring something to wear at night if it gets cold. That was all we knew.

We met up at El Capitan Canyon and first thing first...we were fed. We needed the food and energy for what was coming next.

Then we hiked up towards a yurt where we were told to hang out for a bit. While we were waiting, I snapped a shot of all of our gang. It was all the sales and services folks. Aren't we a good looking bunch? :)

When it was time, we were all ushered into the yurt and sat where our names were labeled on our A-Team camo shirts and hats. We all changed into them and then waited. A few moments later, in rushed our very own A Team....complete with Mr. T. "I pity the fool that doesn't buy AppFolio.".

We had some work things that I won't bore you with but then we headed over towards the surprise. Karen Anne set us up for a ROPES COURSE!! Woohoo!!

We signed the waivers, learned what we were supposed to do, and we were off to tackle the three obstacles.

I did the free standing one first. You were harnessed in (of course), and were to first climb to the top of the 50 foot telephone-ish pole. When you got to the top, you had to get yourself to the circle platform that is the top of the pole. There is nothing to hold onto, and you have to figure out how to get up there, and then balance yourself....before taking the plunge and just jumping off. You could go forwards or just fall backwards. I decided to go the backwards route. I was the first one to do this part of the course, so I didn't have anyone to ask what to expect. That was probably a good thing.

I put my arms out, leaned back, and fell. I only fell for less than a second before the people below pulled the ropes, and I jerked up. They let me down slow and my feet were back on the ground before I knew it.

It was so fun!!!

I went to the middle part of the course next. This one was tough, but so fun and rewarding. It was a series of different pieces that you had to maneuver your way through to get to the top. At the very bottom was a net, then a few steps, the crossed beams in the middle and then two more. You had to use every part of your body to get to the top, and then you just rapelled down. It was great, and I know this is what is going to make me sore tomorrow.

Last but not least, I went across the 50 foot balance beam that was 50 foot in the air. Once I got up there, it felt like I was back in gymnastics on the balance beam. I thought about doing a cartwheel dismount, but the ropes got in the way. :)

We had a great time as a team....cheering and encouraging one another to master each section of the ropes course.

At the end of the ropes course, we gathered around and made smores. I might have had more than my share of marshmallows....but not too many that I wasn't able to fit behind my steering wheel to get home.

After I got home....I was ready for some dinner. Enjoyed that with the roomies and crashed early. Today wiped me out, but was so much fun!

Ready to hit work tomorrow and have a great Q4!

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