October 20, 2009

Waffle House, Cantina Laredo and Colbie!

Albert and I were up and at em this morning...but not without some breakfast first. I spotted a Waffle House on our way in last night and thought that it'd be great way to start off our day! I had the All Star Breakfast.....waffle, eggs, sausage and grits. Yum yum!!

We went to visit a customer, had a great meeting with a prospect at Barnes & Nobles, and then had dinner with our friends, Francisco and Lauren. We met with them last time we were here, and they are both really great people. Albert and I met up with them at Cantina Laredo and dined on some super tasty food!!

But...this is where the story gets interesting. Sometime in the middle of the afternoon, I had missed a call from Josh (one of my friends from Santa Barbara). I thought he might have dialed the wrong number since he didn't leave a message. But then, a little while later, I got a text from him.

Okkkkkay so if you want to read something funny, check out my Twitter :) you should come!!

Well, I couldn't get on Twitter, so I called him a little bit later...only to learn that he was on his way to Orlando for the Colbie Caillat show at House of Blues. I didn't have evening plans...and I'm always up for an adventure...so I said YES! How fun is that? I don't get to hang out with Josh too much in SB because it seems that we are both traveling....and it took us being in Orlando to do that. So funny.

He met me outside right before the show started and introduced me to his new friends....Allison and Sara. Sara proceeded to take me to where her 2 friends, Kyra and Kristen, were standing....right at the front of the stage....and set me up with them for the concert. Josh and Sara were there to take photos....and I KNOW they got some really great shots!!

The show was great. Colbie put on a wonderful show, and had a lot of fun with the crowd. Such a different show than when I'd seen her almost 2 years ago. Funny thing was that she talked about how she used to have stage fright, but has now learned how to have fun with it all...and it shows.

I'll leave you with some fun pictures. Thanks SO much to Josh for thinking of me while he was here, and for taking care of a friend over 2000 miles from home!!

Not sure I'm going to be able to top tonight's fun during the rest of the week....but I'm going to try real hard! :)

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