October 2, 2009

Team Ron Burgundy -Stay Classy

We wrapped up our Q3 yesterday at work....so today was our quarterly company meeting. This time, however, it was a little different. We were told to wear something athetic-y and be ready to go at noon sharp.

We met at Goleta Beach for an outdoor picnic lunch from South Coast Deli (their sammies are SOOO good) first. Brian, our fearless leader and CEO, then did the company meeting part. It was a slow Q3, but we are all motivated to make it a great Q4. It's going to require a lot of teamwork.

So, in spirit of teamwork, Karen Anne, our CFO, put together a little bit of fun for us. First, names were drawn at random, and we were assigned a colored mat.....think Survivor. I was assigned to Burgundy. We had to come up with a team name and a cheer.

Team Ron Burgundy
Stay Classy!

If you haven't seen Anchorman, that makes no sense. It didn't to some of the people on our team either, so don't worry too much about it. :)

Anyways....first challenge was one where we had to blindfold two people from our team and the caller guided them through the obstacle course to the other side. We really think we came in first, but who really knows because everyone was actually playing the course and no one was really watching to see who won!! Doh!! Oh well....even though we have some SUPER competitive people (go figure) at our company, it was all in good fun.

Second was the paddle board race. I would have been SO down for this if I hadn't had to leave for the airport right after and couldn't exactly be soaked from the ocean. So, instead, I cheered on my team, and took some video. I put this together on the plane ride....please enjoy. This is more fun than I've ever had on a company offsite before. This is a great place to work!!

Click the picture below to view the video of the Paddle Board Race!!

I had to take off after the races to get to the airport, so I missed out on the two other games. One of them was a word scramble, kind of like Scrabble, so I'm super bummed that I missed that!!

Now, I'm on my way to Austin for the weekend....hope that the rain cooperates so that my families don't get soaked!!

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All Things BD said...

What a fun company!

How funny that you're here this weekend. I'm going to be in California for the weekend! I'll wave to you from the plane on the way back. :)