October 10, 2009

Saturday in Vegas :: Part II :: Fatburger & Cosmic Bowling

After a long day with the hiking, we were all a little pooped. We loaded everyone's pics on the computer and saw them all on the TV and then Brett and I took a quick trip to surprise Gigi.

We were able to meet and hang out with her during her dinner and then spend some time with her before getting ready for our own dinner.

Fatburger it was.....simple, fast and yummy. I hadn't ever eaten at one before, and I wasn't disappointed. I went with the medium, which was the right choice for me. Brett went for the XL. :)

We were all filled up with food in our bellies and headed over to the bowling alley where it was full swing into the Cosmic Bowling for the night. The black lights were on and everything white glowed. It's my favorite time to bowl. I found my 11 pound ball, got my awesome shoes on, and went up to my side. I was the first to go.

First bowl......and it's a STRIKE!! Awesome!!! Yeah, well, you can check the scores below to see that I didn't get more than 9 pins down for the rest of that game. Oh well, I really could care less if I win or lose. I was just there to have fun. Plus, it was more entertaining to watch Loralyn.

It was her first time to bowl....ever. We had the bumpers up on her turn, and that was going well. But then Bruce found a contracption that was designed for the little ones to help them bowl. I'd never seen one of these before, but it worked brilliantly! Loralyn walked right up to the thing with the 6 pound ball and was having the best time!

Well, ok, I got all of them down in frame 6...but I kind of have the curse of the 9s when I bowl.

We all had a great time...and everyone humored me with a fun group pic at the end of the night!!

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