June 14, 2009

Weekends in SB

Brett, Kyle and I had a great lunch at Stacky's in Summerland on Saturday afternoon. The boys laughed at me when I started to take pics, but I just had to. This place makes me smile with all it's fun colors and things to look at, and it is such a neat spot.....somewhere that I would love to take pictures someday. Anyone up for a nautical session? :)

Not sure if the boys know I took this one....but oh well, I gotta post it. Just look at what a beautiful day it was in Summerland!!!

Sunday afternoon was also a sunny day, so we washed our cars, and then went to meet up with Jeff, DJ, Christianne, Mark and Chelsea, for some beach volleyball. As we have talked about, I'm not the most athletic person, but I decided to go ahead and play so that we'd have even teams.

Guess what? I wasn't half bad!!! I hadn't played beach volleyball before, I've always just watched from the sidelines. I guess in the past I'd never really understood how you play the game...but it all clicked. My first two serves even went over the net! Ha!!

I played the first game and then ended up hanging out with Zuri. She is the coolest dog!!!

I broke a few blood vessels in my arms from all the bumping, setting and serving....but it was worth it!! Had so much fun!!

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mary jane said...

I wish I could have been there! Darn it! Next time I won't be such a wimp. : )