June 12, 2009

BBQ at 1339

We had a little BBQ tonight at our place to test out new grill. Thank goodness that we had Brett on hand to set the thing up...not sure that Laura and I would have figured it out on our own!!

We invited over a few friends, everyone brought their own meat, we had a few sides, people brought some sides....it was a great night overall!

Emily brought over a croquet set, and so we played again. I fared MUCH better this time, although the luck of the mallet was with Janey. She took 1st on her very first try at the game. Way to go, MJ!! 

A wonderful night with friends, laughter, yummy food (GREAT tri-tip.....mmmmm), and good times.   


Brett Bollman said...

You're hot!!! :o)

Shannon said...

Ohhhh. This looks like so much fun! Miss you guys.