June 27, 2009

The Stoker Family Story

A month or so ago, I posted a status on my Facebook something about my car, to which Amy replied "I soooooo wish you were in DFW! I need pictures made of my boys.".

Her response had nothing to do with my car....but after I saw that....some planning was set into motion. I was actually already planning on being in Dallas for Melissa and Chris' wedding shower....so I looked at the calendar to see how I could make it work! I was excited when we figured it out...and so, on a Saturday morning in Dallas....when it was already nearing 90 degrees, I made my way out to Coppell to meet up with Amy, and her boys!! :)

I was excited to meet the rest of Amy's family - Trent, Luke and Clay!!! Amy and I actually both went to HS in the same town, college at A&M, but had lost touch with each other until Facebook - doesn't that happen with so many people? The one thing that I always remember about Amy is her beautiful voice - this girl can SING!!

Besides that....she and Trent were blessed with cute kiddos!! Luke and Clay are adorable, and I had a great time with all of the Stokers! They were all champs to brave the heat with me as we traipsed around the nearby park. We had to take a couple breaks to wipe away the budding sweat (seriously...I already forgot how hot it can get in Texas), but we didn't wipe away the smiles!!

Amy - I had such a great time seeing you again, and spending time with your family!! I only wish I had remembered to ask you to sing me a little tune while we were together. :) I had a wonderful time with you and your boys - I hope you love your story - and that the wait wasn't too grueling!!!! :)

I absolutely love this next one - looks like Little Clay is just up to no good! :)

For more pictures from the Stoker Story, watch the slideshow!


The Stoker Family said...

Annemarie! I love them! Thank you so much. We will have to do it again!

Anonymous said...

NANA IS BLOWN AWAY! I absolutely love all the pictures! You have a great eye and your work is beautiful! Of course your 'subjects' were beautiful as well (I am just a little partial!).

Best Wishes...Barbara Stoker Luckett (A.K.A.~ Nana)

jamiedelaine said...

Soooo cute. I love your family work Annemarie.

maddy said...

That one pic that clay looks up to no good its so cute is he feeling better? I hope so!:)
Email me if you want maddyforeman@yahoo.com