June 5, 2009

Why I'm THANKFUL it's Friday!!!

After dinner on Thursday night, while Laura and I were getting ready to turn in for the night, we caught Emily on iChat. Laura and I didn't have to be at work until after 830am, so, knowing that Em is an early riser, we invited her over for breakfast and coffee the following morning.

She showed up, smiling as usual, even while running in to stay dry from the rain (yes, it was RAINING here in SB this morning - woohoo) at 730am. The 3 of us sat around the kitchen table and enjoyed our coffee. As per normal, we had the blinds already pulled, but instead of enjoying the sunshine, we were gladly watching the rain come down, while we caught each other up on the last few hours of our lives (haha!) and the upcoming weekend.

As I went in my room to dry my hair, I handed Em a large bag of necklaces, and said "Here, you might have fun with this!!". She opened the bag of goodies, and proceeded to organize them for me, and help me hang it on the wall. One of the girls that I work with was wearing some fun necklaces to work yesterday, and it made me think that I need to do the same. At one point in my life, there wasn't a day that I didn't wear one of my long necklaces. That was back when Nae and I were on JFo's team. Jennifer was such a fashion inspiration. :) I had Em pick one out that worked with what I was wearing, and I was smiling all day wearing it. I even got a comment on it from the girl at work. :) It was one that Nae had given me a long time ago for a birthday (I think).

After that was said and done, Laura's 830 meeting was cancelled, so she proceeded to whip us up some breakfast. She made feta basil scrambled eggs, and toast. Yummm-Y!! I ate it all down before I thought to snap a picture, so you'll have to settle for the pic of this post being my necklaces. :)

Tonight I joined Brett and Kyle for a delightful dinner at Natural Cafe. We ran into Matt & Amber while we were there, and they joined us. After, we hit up Yogurtland for my 2nd time...and I'm sad to report that I pretty much created the same thing that I did last time...I'm not very original. We strolled a little bit around State St and then headed back to watch the rest of the Obama Special that we'd caught earlier in the week. I also saw Whale Wars for the first time. Crazy stuff.

It was such a wonderful morning, and evening, and THIS is why I'm thankful that it's Friday!! For good food, good times, and most of all, good friends!! I'm a lucky girl!

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