June 21, 2009

Sunday in Seattle

I was excited to get up to catch the bus to get to Ballard to attend Mars Hill Church. We met a really nice Mom and her son, Cherylanne and Josh, while waiting, and had a great time chatting with them on the way there. Mark Driscoll was great, and we both enjoyed a Sunday at a different church than the norm.

We headed out to have lunch at The Lockspot Cafe.

We spent a little bit of the afternoon at the Ballard Locks. We were fortunate to catch a few boats being lowered to get to the other side of the water while we were there.

Thanks to the iPhone and Brett's great sense of direction, we were able to rely on public transportation the entire weekend. We'd been told about Kerry Park near Queen Anne to see the best view of the Seattle skyline, and got ourselves up there. The buses only took us so far....there was quite a hike to get to the park, but it was worth the effort.

A recommendation from Marisa took us to Wasabi Bistro for dinner on Sunday night.

When we were on one of the buses in the afternoon, a stranger said that we had to take a ferry ride while we were in Seattle, so we decided to listen to his advice. After dinner, we walked down to the ferry docks and caught the last ferry to and back from Bainbridge Island.

Having Brett here in Seattle with me has been such a treat. I'm off to meet up with my work folk tomorrow while he'll be slaving away in the hotel before we meet up again for dinner. :)

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Nicole Monique said...

You guys are too stinking cute together! I have been dying to visit Seattle forever!