June 24, 2009

Who knew the capital of Washington was Olympia?

Federal Way in the morning. Driving to Chehalis in the afternoon.

The way to Chehalis has us driving way south, and we happened through Olympia. We found a great little Thai spot for lunch, and as we were driving through the town, we saw a building that looked a whole lot like a capital building. Embarrassingly enough, none of us knew off the top of our head that Olympia was the capital, but we learned it pretty quickly!

After lunch, we looked for a Starbucks, and walked through old downtown Olympia. Albert was just in amazement, as were we all, with how neat it was! We took a few minutes to breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the views!

This is the old capital building that is still standing in the middle of town.

We had a great time out in Chehalis, and after it was all said and done....back in town, we decided on Wendy's drive through, and to retire to our rooms for the night.

It's been so wonderful to visit and see a little bit of the US that I hadn't before. There are so many great places to vacation, I mean, visit for work, in our country! Can't wait to see more!!

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