June 19, 2009

Friday - comes the same time every week!!

Whoa, I can't believe it's Friday again already. I'm rather enjoying the speed at which the weeks go by now that I'm working again! Since I haven't posted anything since Monday, I thought I'd journal are a few random thoughts from this week.

TUESDAY - When I got home from work, I checked the mail, and heard a rustling noise across the street. I looked to see what could be causing this ruckus. In broad daylight, there was a skunk across the street digging in the neighbor's yard!! I really think these smelly creatures are pretty cute....but if I got sprayed by one, I'm sure I'd feel VERY differently.

So....I snapped this picture with my phone from FAR away. I did run in to get my zoom lens, but by the time I got back outside, he was gone.

I had the yummiest $4 shrimp tacos for dinner on Tuesday night. Brett and DJ swung by to get me, and we tried out the Mexican food place right near Blenders on the Mesa. I'd heard it was good from a co-worker, and she was right. It's something like Salsa Fresca or something like that.....but anyways, it was really good!!!

WEDNESDAY - SYTYCD night!! I went over to DJ's for dinner.....with about 20 other people. No joke. Everyone was there (except Brett, he was working...They are trying to get out some really awesome updates right now, so he's putting in long hours!). Jeff was slaving away in the kitchen making Mexican Pizzas....and they were delicious!!

I wasn't that impressed with the show this week.....but I still love it. One of the girls there had been at the taping the night before in LA, and that is totally something that I want to do now!! (I already signed up a few of us to get tickets!! Fingers crossed that we get some before the end of the season!!)

THURSDAY - I'm one step closer to getting my CA license plates. I went to the DMV early in the morning with the things that they told me I had to get from the last time I went - SMOG, and the power of attorney from my leasing company. My # for waiting was 007. When my # was called, I was to report to booth 7. After getting done what needed to be done, I got a new temp sticker for my window....and it had a 7 on it! Lucky 7s!! :) How cool! I'm trying to decide now, between now and when I have to go back again, if I should bite the bullet and get a personalized plate. It's a lot less expensive here in CA to do that, so I might just do it....but I'm having one heck of a time trying to figure out what I'd put. The one I really wanted (ALTHNGZ) is already taken. Got any other ideas???

After work, I spent about an hour wandering aimlessly through Michaels....picking up little things here and there....and when I got home, I was motivated to finally hang things on the big wall in my room. I've had the picture frames sitting on the floor at the end of my bed for over a month now. I have such a hard time committing to what I want to put on the wall!! I went ahead and hung all the frames in an un-orderly fashion, and I'm kind of liking it. I need to now print pictures for half of the frames, but hey, they are on the wall!!

FRIDAY - YAY!! It's Friday!! This week at work has been great. I'm super happy with my job, and I'm really enjoying it too! I got my territory (FL, GA and one of the Carolinas) so now it's real!! I did my first presentation/demo to my co-worker, and it was fun. I'm excited about actually getting to talk to customers here in the next few weeks.

This is silly, and really very embarassing....but I'm not too proud to share. So, it's pretty cold in our offices. After lunch today, I asked if anyone had a jacket or something that I could borrow. Linn pulled this 2X AppFolio shirt out of her drawer....and I put it on. We use all Macs at our office....so knowing how ridiculous I looked, I went ahead and used PhotoBooth to snap a quick picture of me. Totally dorky, with my headphones, at work. Hope you enjoy! :)

Ok...that's all for now. I have to pack!! Brett and I are headed to Seattle tomorrow morning......at 6am (ugh)....for the weekend. I have to be there for work Monday - Thursday, and so we decided to make a weekend trip out of it for the two of us. We've both been wanting to visit there....so it works out perfectly!!

Ok...I'm off to pack. Hope you all have a great weekend!! :)


jamiedelaine said...

Ohhh! You're going to be in the Northwest!!! :) :) Oh man, I HATE cold buildings and cold A/C. I was dying last week in AZ; I froze inside. Ooh! Do you guys watch SYTYCD every Wednesday? Too bad we won't be getting in until midnight on a Wednesday or we'd be there to watch it with you all!!! :) Enjoy Seattle! I wish you had enough time to get up to Vancouver, you'd love it!

Nicole Monique said...

I am so enthralled with the candidness of your blog! You are a person I would love to call a friend! We need more down to earth god fearing women close to my age here in monterey! Even in an XL tshirt you are still rockin it chica!

mary jane said...

Love the headphones - you're such a dork...Hahaha - Love it!! I need a pair of those and one of those shirts too... :)

whitney elizabeth said...

sounds like you had an awesome week! can't wait to see your photos from seattle :)