June 4, 2009

The Good Spoon!!!

My roommate, and cooking extraordinaire, Laura, has decided to give her cooking passion a name....The Good Spoon. You've already met the head chef, Laura. Check out her blog for some neat cooking ideas, tips, or just fun things about food. She's available for cooking classes, baking for your party needs, and a few other things yet to be determined. She's a master in pretty much every part of the kitchen.

She even turned the empty lot on the side of our house into her own little garden over Memorial Day weekend. I am so proud!! She planted a bunch of different kinds of lettuce, onions, tomatoes, melons, pumpkins, flowers, peppers, squash, beans....and much more!! Pretty soon she'll be running her own farmer's market stand!!

Laura went blueberry picking last weekend, and on Monday night decided to make scones with her little blue treats. I looked at her and asked "You probably have everything that you need to whip up scones already in the kitchen, huh?". Her answer was of course, yes. She put it all together from scratch...and they were DELICIOUS!!

So, when she asked Brett and me if we wanted to join her for dinner on Thursday night, I didn't have to think about it at all....even though it now takes me a little longer to respond to personal emails since I'm working.....I sent her a reply a few hours later that I was IN!

I'm not sure what Laura would call it, but I'd just call it tasty!! It was organic, free range, chicken with all sorts of veggies, potatoes (yellow and purple....yes, purple potatoes....a first for me too, but they were yummy) and fresh basil. She cooked it all in her dutch oven (aka "Dutchie"), and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I did more than anyone else, I went back for a full bowl of seconds.

She shared with me that roosters in your kitchen are supposed to be good luck....so it was only fitting that there were a few roosters appearing through our meal. He was on the wine bottle label and the napkins.


You can call me to make your reservations at The Good Spoon. I'll see if we can squeeze you in for a seating. Stay tuned for more about Laura and her cooking adventure!!

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