June 22, 2009

Bellevue, Kent, and Sammamish - Making my way around Washington!!

So, I left early this morning to catch the bus back to the airport to meet up with my work people that were flying in. I was totally stressing because the bus was running late, and I didn't want anyone to have to wait around for me. Luckily, they were still at baggage claim when I got there, so it all worked out great!

We were off to pick up our other coworker, and then on our way to visit customers. We went to Bellevue and Kent today, and the more we get to see of Washington, the more I see how beautiful it is! The customer visits were great, and makes me more excited about starting to work with my own customers!! :)

I had the work folks drop me off at the airport and I hopped on more public transit to meet up with Brett and Eric at the Bellevue Park & Ride. I was a little nervous that I wasn't on the right bus, but when I got off, I saw their smiling faces, and knew I was in the right place.

We got to take the pretty drive through Sammamish to Marisa and Eric's house. Talk about gorgeous!! Their place was great, and the view was to die for. Right out their back windows, is Lake Sammamish!

Marisa whipped us up some really yummy risotto....I don't think I'd ever had it before, but I really liked it, so maybe I'll have to make some myself (yeah right!). We had pudding for dessert....and I even ate the strawberry! :)

It was so wonderful to get to spend time with both Marisa AND Eric and see their new place!! Now it's their turn to visit us! :)

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