June 20, 2009

Saturday in Seattle

Brett and I made it to Seattle!! Our flight left super duper early this morning....6am.....same as 3 other flights out of Santa Barbara. If you've been to the SB airport, you know it's not very big, so why there are that many flights leaving from that small of a place all at the same time is beyond me...but we made it out.

After getting to Seattle, we found where we were supposed to be, and immediately went out walking. It's the home of Starbucks here....there were signs, and stores, on every corner. Sometimes two to a corner! Crazy!!

Seattle reminds me of San Francisco with all of the steep roads. We went downhill, towards the water, and made our way to Pike Market. This is the famous place where they throw the fish.

Since we couldn't take any fish home with us to cook, we asked one of the market men where we would be able to eat some there at the market, and have it already cooked. Lucky for us, we asked the right man, and enjoyed some fish and chips at Jack's. It was really tasty!!

I just had to stop in the first ever Starbucks to get a drink. The line was crazy long, but it was worth it for the pictures! :)

We kept on our walking path, and made it to the Space Needle in Seattle Center. We didn't go up in the building, but instead decided to go through the Science Fiction Museum and Experience Music Project.

The outside of the building was all different colors, and the perfect backdrop for a fun picture, and course a JUMP shot!

We pretty much walked the entire city, and then we walked some more to meet up with Eric for the Mariners vs Razorbacks baseball game at Safeco Field. It was a super exciting game, with the home team pulling out the win!

Great first day in Seattle. Brett and I both were saying all day how beautiful it is up here!! Granted, we had really great weather, but it's still really wonderful to get to see a new part of our country!

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Nicole Monique said...

I love all your jumping shots i think I might need to attempt a few ;-)