June 27, 2009

A Sister Story | Jessica & Ali

When Amy and I were trading emails, she mentioned that her Aunt Cindy wanted to get some shots of her girls - Ali & Jessica. Amy said that I'd have a blast with them, and that they were gorgeous....well, Amy was right! On both accounts.

The girls were great, and up for whatever I asked them to do...including sitting on top of cement bags....and had pretty smiles on their faces the entire time!

J & A - I had a blast hanging out with you both!! Have a wonderful rest of your summer, and enjoy the rest of school when you go back! :) I hope you enjoy your story!

Cousin Amy jumped in on a few shots too! Look at the all the pretty girls!! Three is better than two, right? :)

For more of these beautiful sisters, check out the slideshow.


The Stoker Family said...

They are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

Such pretty pics and you did an amazing job!! I love the ones of them laughing together!! Makes me think of A & L!! We did some pics with Laura a few weeks ago!! It was fun but really hot!! & she was so great Hope all is well in CA. XOXO