June 7, 2009

Home Group BBQ

I was so lucky to be part of this Home Group this season. I went to the first one back when I was in town, still as a visitor, and got to meet everyone then. It was such an awesome way to get to know some wonderful people around town, and also get to know the Gospel, over the last few months.

We ended our season a few weeks back, but decided to get together one last time and celebrate our awesomeness. Bob and Brenda were willing to open their house to all of us one more time for our shindig. We had some yummy treats and a lot of fun hanging out.

Everyone brought a little something....and the end result was a LOT of really delicious food!! I filled my plate...and enjoyed it all too!!

Awww....our Home Group!! It's going to be a lonely summer not seeing all of these wonderful folks every Tuesday night!!

Of course I had to try for one of my self portrait shots. It's not the ideal shot...but there ARE a lot of smiling faces in there! That's all that matters!

We setup and played a round of croquet. Turns out that despite my strong start, I am not very good at this sport either. Even despite my wonderful form....it took me about 5 tries to get through that obstacle. Brett and Dave battled it out for the winning spot....and it was truly entertaining the entire time.

We did break out in the middle at one point however to see how well everyone would fare in a one man circus. Jessica takes the trophy!

Wonderful women!!

Dessert was brownies, cupcakes.....and SMORES!! How fun!!

Dave was having way too much fun with his new camera. He's got the perfect model living with him....I'd be taking pics of Ash all day long too!

Had a great time getting to know and spend time with everyone over the last few months!! Don't be strangers.....hope to see you all again soon!!


All Things BD said...

One important question:

With all these great friends you're always having such great food with, HOW do you not weigh 400 pounds??!?


Anonymous said...

I owe it ALL to being blessed with good genes. However....I know that it's all going to catch up with me one day. :)