August 3, 2009

Salmon, Yellowtail, Mahi Mahi, Lobster and Steak...oh my!!!

Kylie and Aaron are in town visiting, escaping the AZ heat, and so we were lucky to have dinner with them tonight. I had talked to Kylie on Saturday and we'd planned on meeting for dinner tonight, but hadn't talked about where, what, when, etc.

When I emailed Brett this afternoon to remind him about our plans for tonight, he replied that the actual plans were already made. He and Aaron decided on their work call this morning where and when we'd be dining tonight. What a wonderful and perfect surprise.

So, when I got home from work today, I had a few hours to kill, to relax, and curl my hair, and put on a cute dress of course. :)

They came to get me, and we headed out to Hendry's Beach for dinner at the Boathouse. LB has talked about this place forEVER, and so I was glad to finally see what the fuss was all about.

The beach there was beautiful, and the sun was setting right as we got there. We skipped up from our table to catch a shot before the sun laid itself to rest for the evening. It was a brilliant sunset!

We stuffed ourselves silly on so many delicious things on the menu. It was all so tasty!!

After dinner, we took a quick trip and introduced K & A to Yogurtland. Of course we still had room for just goes in between all the spaces left in your tummy.

Had a great night with great friends.....and now it's time for some rest.


All Things BD said...

What a gorgeous sunset! I've been taking advantage of the beach here in California before I head back to Texas. Lake Travis is just not a close substitute. :)

Marisa said...