August 4, 2009

Not only for long distance loves!

When I came home tonight from work, Danielle was sitting on the couch with her computer. Here is the abridged version of how it went after that.

Annemarie: Go put on something and let's take those pictures.
Danielle: Ok, but tell me if you think I look fat, okay?
Annemarie: You're beautiful, and you're not fat, but even if you were, you wouldn't tell in the pictures.
Danielle: Ok.

Laura came home from work a short while later.

Laura: I have 3 pork chops that I need to make for dinner.
Danielle: Awesome (or something like that).
Annemarie: I could eat some pork chops.

LB proceeded to look at some recipe book, and found something that called for pork chops and zucchini. Two things that we just happened to have on hand. She then decided to mix it up a bit, and come up with something new on her own.

She whipped up something for us that included the pork chops, zucchinis, squash, egg noodles, and peanut sauce. It was creative, different, and tasty. Love having a chef for a roomie. :)

After dinner, we sat around chatting......and realized that we were all really missing Miss Emily. We wished that she was there, and then thought....hey, she can almost be here. So, ladies and gentlemen....I'm here to tell you that Skype isn't only good for talking with family and friends that are hundreds of miles's also wonderful for including your lovely friend, Emily, in on the fun that happens on a Tuesday night at 1339.

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Unknown said...

You just made me almost cry!! ha ha! Thank you. I just love you girls. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOU. :)

ps. I was SO picturing me in the small box and y'all in the big frame. that was weird. ha!