March 18, 2009

The Fonseca Family Story | Chapter 2

Last Saturday morning I got to visit with the Fonseca family again. Jennifer had some more fun ideas up her sleeve, and I was happy to come see them again.

I met them at their beautiful home (yes, Bob, I do love your home....and if I could make you an offer, I would). We had some fun first in one of the very fun rooms off their kitchen, with these awesome green chairs, and then took off over the fence in the backyard to the Hill Country wilderness.

The boys were so much fun, once again, Jen!! Hope you love Chapter II of your family story.

Be sure to catch the slideshow too!


jamiedelaine said...

I just love your family work Annemarie! You have a great style.

Anonymous said...

Love them! Once again you blow me away with your talent and ability to capture my family in such a gorgeous way. Thank you and hope to see in you in CA this Summer.

DCM Photography said...

These are Fun with a capital F! Great pictures AP!