March 25, 2009

A Puppy and Mommy Short Story | Toni and Olive

Before I left, Toni asked me to snap a few pics for a work thing, but since Olive was out there with us, I couldn't help but keep the shutter going for a little bit. I was able to capture the love that this Mommy has for her little baby.

Toni and Olive are a great pair....and if Olive could laugh, I'm sure hers would sound just like Toni's! The bond between people and their dogs is so pure.....and I think it's evident in these images!

Love and miss you both!!


Beankountess said...

Thanks again! I love these pics!!
I keep thinking you are just on vacation and will back any day. I don't want to believe you are living in another STATE!
Good thing Olive is so cute because she is sure acting like a puppy lately! Grrr....

Autie said...

This Puppy and Mommy Story is so cute. Funny thing about it is, just last Friday my friend Linda was telling me that she wants you to take pics of her and her baby Delyla (a puggle) next time you are in Vegas. She is nuts about this dog. I'll have to send you a picture.