March 25, 2009

March 18/19 - Wednesday & Thursday - Day 3/4, A Day of Rest and then onto the Final Destination

After doing all that driving, and making it all the way from TX to NV in 2 days, with a few stops, we decided to take a day to rest and visit with Brett's family. We got up early(ish) and decided to pull the same prank at Autumn's house and surprise her and Loralyn.

Brett got down real low and snuck up to her door, rang the doorbell and squatted. When Autumn looked out the door and didn't see anyone, she asked "Who is it?". Brett's response? "Girlscouts". He then popped up so she could see it was him, and she squealed "Oh my gosh!!?!", and opened the door to me holding up the camera and then started saying "Oh, no, no, no!!!". So, I won't post the awesome video that I took, but you can all feel the excitement from my typing, right? :) It was a fun morning as we had breakfast with Autumn and Loralyn...who was also very excited to see Uncle Brett and Hanbury (that's what she calls me).

Later that afternoon, Autumn, and Brett's Mom, and I all enjoyed Starbucks while we had our nails and toes painted. Such a nice treat!! Everyone came over for a yummy dinner of spaghetti that evening.

After dinner, we had just enough time to make a quick trip over to the carousel. Loralyn loves the horsies. Well, it's been years since I'd been on one, and I can't say that I remember it ever going that fast. After 2 rounds we were ready to say night night to the horsies.

We packed up and put everything back into the car on Thursday morning and we were off to Santa Barbara.

The final leg of the trip took us about 6 hours and we pulled into town right around 4pm on Thursday afternoon. It was kind of surreal to be pulling into my new hometown, in my own car. Right now it still feels like I'm here for a visit....but then I realize that I don't have a ticket back to Austin in my near future....and all of my things are on their way here!!!'s to a new adventure, and a new chapter in my story!!! Be sure to come back often to say HI and see how I'm hanging in there as a California Girl!!!

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Autie said...

It was a great surprise!! Thank you so much for not posting the video though as exciting as it was.

I'm sure California is glad to have you girl, I know my brother is!