March 8, 2009

It just hit me.

I've been planning this move for a few months now, and it seems that the question that a lot of my friends have been asking me is "Has it hit you yet?". The answer up until this morning was "No.".

As I was driving to LHC this hit me. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm moving. I'm leaving Austin.....leaving Texas....packing it all up, and heading west, and in less than a week.


A few of you might know that I've moved around quite a bit in my life. I was fortunate to grow up, and visit places, all over the world when I was younger with my family. We moved to Texas when I was in 10th grade, and it seemed that was where my parents decided to bunker down and call "home". I've moved a few times within Texas too....from Katy, to College Station, and then to Austin after college graduation. Within those 3 cities, I moved my "stuff" 12 times. So, moving is no new thing to me.


this is the first "big" move that I'm making on my own. Well, Molly is coming with me....but you know what I mean. And well, I'm not exactly doing it by myself, I'm only able to do this with the support and love of my friends and family...but bear with me here.

After attending LHC for my last time as an Austinite this morning, I started to remember when I first got to Austin, and to think of all the things that I'm going to miss about here, and well, Texas in general! Just seeing a phone number on a billboard with the (512) on it, got me a little sad. honor my home for the last 10 years, here's a few things that came to mind this morning on my drive home.

I'm hungry right now, so I'm going to start off with food.....oh....the yumminess, I'm so going to miss eating at ALL of these places!!! Chuy's, Hula Hut, Double Dave's, Texandwich, Whataburger, The Salt Lick, South Congress Cafe, Jardin Corona, Alamo Drafthouse, Home Slice Pizza, Kenobi...I'm sure there are more, but those come to mind immediately! When I come into Austin to visit....I'll be referencing this list to be sure that we eat at one of these places!

My wonderful and amazing friends. Oh, how I'm going to miss being able to see and spend time with you, whether it's a moment's notice, "Hey, you have lunch/dinner plans?", or it's more of a planned Girl's Night In with my favorite ladies, a movie night out at Alamo....whatever it is, I'm going to miss the time....and YOU!! ! Please come visit me once I'm settled, or next week for that matter, just come see me in CA.

Ok, that's all for now....I am sure that I'm going to have some more moments such as these during the week. My pods, containers, whatever you want to call them, are being delivered on Wednesday morning, and then Brett gets here that night. We'll be packing up all day on Thursday and Friday, so for anyone that is bored, and wants to stop by...please do! I won't turn away any help! :)

Here's to the start of a new week....hopefully filled with lots of love and maybe a few tears.


DCM Photography said...

LongHorn Caverns?

Julie said...

Well, I started tearing up just reading this! I'll definitely bring some Kleenex to dinner tomorrow night! ;)

Beankountess said...

It still has not hit me! I was just over there with all the boxes and stuff.

Cali isn't all it is made out to be - you will be back! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey it was so great to finally meet you! We had so much fun on Sat. We wish you so much luck with your "big" move! We will keep up with you with your blog.....I added it to my friends link!
Have fun & love in CA!!
Angie & Family