March 19, 2009

Eating is the best way to say "See you soon!"

My last week in Texas was filled with lots of quality time with friends and family, and what better way to spend that time than while eating at some Austin favs.

My parents came into town on Friday afternoon to help up with some packing, and then we went to get some of my favorite Austin BBQ at Salt Lick BBQ. It was unusually cold in Austin, so that's why it looks like we're all prepared for winter. We stuffed ourselves silly, which seems to be the pattern, on brisket, ribs, sausage, and even saved room for dessert this time. Yumm!!!

Also...this is news to the blog world....but I'll be sans Molly for the next few months. When it came down to it, it made the most sense to have Molly live with her grandparents for a few months before I get my own place in Santa Barbara. I'm going to be living with my future roomie at a place for a few months, but we won't be getting our own place until the beginning of June. So, I had to say bye to Molly, and send her on her way to Houston.

I had Brett snap a pic of me and Molly before she left. I have quite a few pics of Molly by herself....but none of the cuteness that involves when she hangs out with me. She loves to sit right on you, up close, to where she can head butt you if you stop paying attention to her for too long. I'm going to miss my little Molly...but know that she's in great hands with my Mom and Dad while I'm looking for our new home.

Saturday involved a lot of packing. The funniest part of the day was when my couch got stuck in the doorway. I'm not kidding you, it was stuck. And that was after we all were saying "Pivot!" all the way down the stairs. Right as Hal showed up to help, Jeff and Brett figured out how to get it out, but it was good and stuck for about 30 minutes. Hysterical.

Pics of the packing to come in the next post, but one good thing about waiting out the weather to start packing and move was that we got to go to LHC for one more Sunday - yay!! And I'm so glad that we did. For one, I got to bring Brett with me for my last time, AND Nae and Jebby were with us. So wonderful. And the worship was amazing on Sunday, so that made me smile even more.

After church, we met up with Amy, Aaron and the kids for one last Austin favorite....the awesome bean dip and shrimp fajitas at Maudie's. It was great to get to see some more friends before leaving town. :)

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jamiedelaine said...

Molly is SO cute, my goodness. I'm so excited for your new life in SB! :)