March 13, 2009

A Family Story | Stacy, Lisa & Caleb

I was lucky to be able to spend last Friday morning with Stacy, Lisa and Caleb. He turned 1 (can you believe it?) in January, and it was time for some new pics of this adorable little guy. I didn't think it was possible, but it's true - he gets cuter each and every time I see him. His baby blues, creamy skin, and adorable smile are just too much!!

We went to a park around the corner, and cute little Caleb walked right off the cement bridge into the mucky waters. It was too adorable of a scene not to smile at him. It didn't stop him though, even with soggy pants, all he wanted to do was mingle with the ducks. We had a great morning together. I think Caleb's favorite was Ring Around the Rosies...he was all smiles after "we all fall down".

I love you girls, and your little man!!! Please come visit me real soon. :)

Be sure to watch the slideshow too!


Tera said...

i want to squeeze him! just too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!!!! Stacy and Lisa, your little angel is adorable!!!! AP, love their story. Those are great pictures. :)