March 22, 2009

March 16 - Monday - Day 1 Traveling West

Last Monday, Brett and I headed out of Austin, TX at 924am and headed west. Our intended travel route was 290W to I-10W and then drive as far as we could, most likely stopping somewhere around Tucson.

We got on the road a little later than we'd expected, so it wasn't long before we were already hungry for lunch. Lucky for us, Fredricksburg came across our path right around the time it was for us to eat. The neat little town has so much incredible sit down German food to offer, but since we were interested in getting back on the road quickly, we opted for yummy sandwiches at Java Ranch. It was a great spot, and filled us up nice and good.

After getting back in the car, I decided to setup my computer. We'd picked up an adapter at Fry's over the weekend, thought to bring my lapdesk, and plugged in my wifi I was just about as set as I'd been back at the house. I edited a few sessions while on the road and made good use of the time.

West Texas doesn't have much to offer in ways of was pretty much flat the entire way. We drove and drove, for hours, the only good thing being the 80MPH speed limit. At one point, we made an almost bad decision to keep on going until the next gas station, and almost ran out of gas, but thankfully, a lone gas station popped up on the horizon, and we were saved just in time. Phew.

A bit later we were upon Las Cruces and stopped at a gas station that gave us dining options of Burger King and Pizza Hut. After a Whopper Jr and a Pepperoni Pizza, we were back on the road.

The sun set right around Lordsburg, NM, and we hopped out to take a break and watch it go down. For the 30 minutes before that it was burning our eyes as there were no clouds, or anything else on the horizon to give us some relief...and so we thought it a good idea to pull off for a bit.

When we'd crossed into the Mountain Time Zone, I had switched the clock on the car, and the phones did themselves automatically. Well, around 720 PST, I looked and realized that we were in all 3 time zones according to the various technologies on in the vehicle. My phone had auto swapped to PST, car was still on MST and my Mac on CST. It was then that I went in and updated my computer to my new time zone. So weird. I've done a lot of traveling in my last few years, but never had a computer that had any of my settings on anything other than Central. It was kind of surreal.

We passed Tuscon, and kept on driving until we made it all the way to Phoenix. It was around 1045pm PST when we turned the car off finally. Talk about a long day. Brett drove almost 1000 miles, and it was a 15+ hour day.

Check back for Tuesday's fun!


All Things BD said...

I drive back to Cali every summer with my kids, and since it's just me driving, we only make it to El Paso on the first day before we have to stop. I can't imagine getting all the way to Phoenix in one day!

jamiedelaine said...

that photo of the iphone photo is adorable. :)

kennykimdotcom said...

You guys are so fun! Have a safe trip. Can't wait to hang out in SB.