January 27, 2009

The Fonseca Family Story

Jennifer was one of my favorite managers when I worked at Dell a few years ago. I remember when she came to our team....just her presence among us caused all the girls to step it up a notch in the fashion department. After meeting her, I went out and bought my first pair of Nine West pumps.....an obsession that is still ongoing these days. :)

We get together for lunch every few months. When she asked me to capture her family's story at our last meet up - I was thrilled, and said YES immediately!! Jen does photography on the side herself too, which made me feel even more honored to be asked to do this for her family. :)

It was not a surprise when she and her boys all stepped out of the truck looking so incredibly stylish. I had such a great time chasing the little guys around.....Caden, Evan and Dylan are adorable!!!! Jen and Bob together are totally smokin!!! I was so lucky to be the one to tell their story. :)

I had a wonderful time with your family, Jennifer. I had the hardest time picking my favorites - there were too many! I hope you love your story!!!

For more fun with the Fonsecas, check out the slideshow.


*Lissa* said...

Great shots! What an adorable family!

Anonymous said...

I am a wedding coordinator here in Austin and a great friend of the Fonsecas. Bob directed me to your blog and I have to say Great job telling their story! These are great!

DCM Photography said...

These are great AP! I am a huge fan of the Dudley and Bob show. Listen to Bob every day. Finally got to meet him at a recent photo shoot. Great pictures homie!

Marisa said...

i LOVE the b&w of everyone's legs and the little guy - SO cute :). great shots annemarie! are you gonna make it to SB in time to do mine?

Brett Bollman said...

I like the running shots and the feet! You've got a pretty good eye for shots like that... and you're pretty creative with the things you have them do!