January 12, 2009

This Texas Gal is Heading West

I am moving. There, I said it.

I've told my family, most of my friends, my current job, etc.....but now I just made it official. I posted it on my blog! Yikes!! It's out there, and there are no takesy-backsies allowed.

I had been thinking about moving, talking about moving, for a little while now, and around the middle of December, I asked my current job if I'd be able to take my job with me if I did. They stewed on it, and decided that, while I am an AWESOME asset to the company (yeah, I might have embellished on that a bit), they really wanted to keep my position in one of the two main offices. So, no hard feelings, guess I'll have to eventually look for a new job.

Well, they had some ideas on how they wanted to expand my role, add a few things, take away a few things, and well, they were anxious to do this....sooner rather than later....and even though I hadn't officially put in my notice, they kind of pressured me into it sooner than I had wanted. So, I put in my resignation, and two weeks notice, last Monday, and my last day is this Friday. I'm not that broken up about it....but....um, OK. Next.....

So, now things are really rolling. Where am I headed, you ask? Well, I'm headed West, my friends....to the land of gold. Specifically, Santa Barbara. For those of that have followed me for a while, I'm sure that isn't much of a surprise or shock to you....but that's where I'm going. I was actually born in CA (Lancaster), so I was a California girl at birth. Even though I only lived there for 6 weeks then, it feels like I'm just headed home. :)

Here is a list of things that I have TO DO:

Find a renter for my condo
Purge and sell a bunch of stuff
Hang out with all my favorite Austin people as much as possible
Figure out how to move
Eat at every Austin restaurant one last time before I leave
Find a place to live with my new roomie (Danielle - she's awesome!) in SB
Find a job

Not too hard, right? Well....I guess it's good that I will have a few weeks without a day job to start on these things....but I could use some help. Mostly on the first one. [By the way...if anyone wants to help on the other things on my list....by all means, I'm not against accepting it!]. :)

I am going to rent my condo in NW Austin, and could use your help in getting the word out. I've posted a flyer with details here, and it's also below. It's a wonderful 1 bedroom + study, 1.5 bath, 1 car garage with over 1000 square feet, and a washer/dryer included. The floorplan is nice and open, perfect for someone that might work from home and need an office - also fantastic for entertaining. It's available for a one year lease starting on February 1st. I have thoroughly enjoyed living here, and would love to see it be a great home for someone else.

I'm hiring a property management company to take care of the logistics for me, but please contact me via email for info to get in touch with them. I'd be SO grateful it if you would send this to your friends. You never know who might be in the need for a new place to live in Austin, TX. :)

And in the off chance that anyone that reads this blog knows of a place to live, or any connections in SB to find one, PLEASE let me know!! :)


Courtney ;-) said...

Best of luck to you, girl! You will definitely be missed around here, but I cannot wait to hear/read about all of your fabulous Cali adventures!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Did you hear me gasp when I read your post?!? Wow! Good luck in California. Good thing your mom decided not to give birth in Iran...


Unknown said...

I somehow thought you would end up back there. Your stuff over the summer showed how "homesick" you were.

Good Luck with finding a renter, your place is gorgeous.

Peace - Rene

Brett Bollman said...

I'm not gonna lie... Santa Barbara is pretty nice! :o) That whole Pacific Ocean thing is pretty sweet!

*Lissa* said...

How exciting for you! Good luck with everything!

All Things BD said...

But... but... but I wanted to move back to Santa Barbara!!!! Waaaaahhh!

Okay, I'm better. How exciting for you. We lived in SB for about 2 years and if we had our druthers, we'd retire there. It's wonderful.

I have friends still in SB and elsewhere on the Central Coast, so I'll see if any of them have a line on a place to live. Good luck!!

Marisa said...

YAY!! i will definitely get to see you more often now :). and lucky you, SB!

Shaunna said...

We will miss you!! Best of luck with a lengthy to-do list and in your new Cali adventure. I'm so grateful for these blogs so we can keep track of you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hate to see ya go but I'm happy for ya! One more lunch run before you leave?

Also, drop me an email and let me know if you would like me to put your condo on the MLS for rent!

Anonymous said...

Ha...your first government expierence in CA will be the DMV...registration fees out here are a Lot more than TX! And you've got a new car! Fees out here suck, tons.

Welcome to the Sunshine State (now give us your money!).

-the fish

Sarah Shalley said...

congrats! how exciting. i'm sad...my sister moved to austin and i so wanted to meet up with you sometime while i visited. ohhh, guess we'll just have to keep being internet friends. love to you!

DCM Photography said...

You will be missed AP