January 17, 2009

A Band Story | Deejer

Ok, first things first...I apologize for the extreme number of images posted below....but A. I haven't had any other sessions to edit (hint hint...book me while I'm still in TX), and B. after going through these a few times, I kept finding more that I really liked....so just bear with me.

I met up with the guys of Deejer last Sunday. I think Jeff said that they'd done this quite a few times before (which I could tell....these guys were all naturals in front of the camera), but they were in need of some updated band pics. I hadn't done this type of shoot before, but I was really excited!

I had this grand idea of getting some neat shots at the railroad track that is on McNeil road. For some reason, I just think of railroad tracks when I think of band photos.....so we parked at the Kiddie Acres, and all walked across the street to see what kind of trouble we could get into. Well, after a few shots.....we did just that....got into trouble.

A man drove up, got out, put on his official neon vest, and kindly told us that we shouldn't be hanging out in a railyard....that the trains come really fast through there, and for our own safety, we should leave. I played dumb (better to ask for forgiveness than permission), we were all very nice, and chose to heed his warnings and leave. Boo. I did get off a few shots, but oh well. Next time, we just go to the other side of the tracks first, where no one could see us from the open road. :)

We ventured over towards the road that backs up to the rear gate of my condo neighborhood, and stumbled across some neat spots. I think that our favorite was the, what seemed to be anyways, burnt down house from the 80s. There was all sorts of trash.....yes, all trash....nothing that would show up on the Antique Roadshow was left here......at this place, which made for a fun, and different backdrop for some shots.

I had a great time with all of the guys. Special thanks to Nae for being my assistant for the afternoon!!! I listened to the Dark Summer Dawn album while editing, and really enjoyed the tunes. Check them out for yourselves - Deejer - and enjoy the pics.

JR Shirley - bass, vocals

Gary Hopkins - drums

Dave Erickson - guitar, vocals

Chris Didear - lead vocals

Jeff Hurst - guitar

Want to hear a tasting of Deejer's music, and see more? Check out the slideshow. They are playing on February 6th in Austin at The Parish, if you want to check out one of their shows!


*Lissa* said...

These are awesome Annemarie!

All About the Arredondos said...

Awesome pics!!! These are completely amazing!! If Deejer rocks the stage like they rocked these shots, then they are unbeleivable!!

Anonymous said...

wow annemarie...you really are awesome!! nuff said!

DCM Photography said...

whatever you do, DON'T SMILE!! Don't want people thinking you're some wussy rock group! ha!!