January 24, 2009

Around Austin and then some....

Shyla only got to see Austin from the front window of a tour bus last time she was here, so I invited her back for a real Austin, TX visit.

After she landed on Thursday afternoon, we headed to grab a bite to eat at Freebirds. I like to take people from out of town to local, or Texas only joints, and I had always thought that this place was founded in College Station, where I went to school at A&M. BUT, oops, turns out I was wrong!! Kyle pointed out to me after seeing my Twitter update that I was incorrect.....and that the first Freebirds was actually built in, of all places, Santa Barbara, in 1987. The first one in TX was in CS in 1990. So weird to me, especially since I'm about to move to SB.

Anyways.....we ate, came back to the condo for a bit and then went to pick up Renae for some fun with the camera downtown. We met up with Jeff, and did some fun walking around a few neat spots, and got some fun shots (to be posted soon). Nae Nae is such the little model!!! :)

Friday was a beautifully wonderful day of 80 degrees, a perfect day for our sundresses and sandals, if you can believe it. I took Shyla to a real Texas original, and we ate lunch at Java Cafe in Round Rock. We'd discovered that Brett Dennen was playing on Friday night at La Zona Rosa, so we decided that would be our outing of the evening. I've always loved this venue, and hadn't been to a live show in ages. I really enjoyed the girl that opened too,Erin McCarley. BD put on a great show too!!

Ok....so, first thing to mention about Saturday......Shyla got to experience the loveliness that is the everchanging Austin weather. Yesterday it was 80, today it's 40. Brrr!!! We donned our jackets, boots and hats and headed out for some more Austin fun. First stop was Mount Bonnell. Second stop, a quick peek to see the peacocks at Mayfield Gardens - none of them would spread their quills for us - boo. Third stop, lunch at Hula Hut (next time you go, try the Noodle Salad that Shy had....it was delish!!!). Fourth stop - stroll up and down South Congress. I think we saw quite a few fun spots today....maybe we'll hit up some more tomorrow afternoon.

Tonight included the Wideawake CD release show at Antone's with Renae. Two of the band members, Scott and Chris, are in the worship band at Lake Hills Church. This band is AMAZING, and the show was awesome. I think that the 3 of us had smiles on our faces the entire time. Scott's stage theatrics are so innocent and sweet, not to mention, his, and Chris' voices are so wonderful. I am pretty sure that their newest CD is going to be making quite a few appearances on my iTunes in the next few weeks. Be sure to give them a look-see. :)

Here is one that we all rather enjoyed.......She Likes Purple. Shyla already purchased it when we got home, and we're listening to it now for the 2nd time. :)

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Brett Bollman said...

Looks like you gals are having too much fun! I'm jealous... except for the weather. I like it better when it's all hot and humid! :o)