January 26, 2009

When in Austin.....

.....you gotta have some Texas BBQ. There are probably some ongoing debates about which restaurant is considered to be the best BBQ in Austin, but since I was Shyla's offical Austin tourguide, I had the pleasure of taking her to the Salt Lick for my personal favorite.

We met up with Laura for lunch and ate as much brisket, sausage, turkey, cole slaw, beans and potato salad as we could. I seriously love the food there...and I believe that it was a hit with my favorite Bostonite too. :)

I brought in my big girl camera, and had a good giggle trying to show the kind waiter that offered to take our photo just how to do that. It's a little more than the normal "just press this button" to get a shot off with the 5D...but he did an OK job. Hey, we're in focus at least! :)

We spent the rest of our day, afternoon and evening, just hanging out......but when deciding on what to do as our last Austin adventure, the one last treat was a movie (Gran Torino) at Alamo Drafthouse - the only place in Austin to truly enjoy the film viewing experience.

It's been great having Shyla here visiting. We didn't take nearly enough photos, but we'll work on remedying that the next time we see each other. :)

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