January 28, 2009

A Puppy Story | Olive

I got to spend a little time with Miss Olive this afternoon.....I am so in love with this puppy already. She is such a doll. Her little whimpers, the jumps that make her look like a deer, and puppy breath kisses are so wonderful. I hope she stays small and tiny forever.....but knowing that she won't, I brought my camera over when I got to see her this afternoon for some fun shots.

Toni wasn't at home, it was just me and her mother there, so she doesn't know about these pics. SURPRISE!! Hope you love the pics, Toni!

Toni is one lucky Mom! ;)


Beankountess said...

OMG!! How cute are these pics!!
That is so sweet! I can't wait to share!!
I am showing them to Olive right now~! ;-)

~Kara~ said...

If that dog shows up missing, I don't know anything.

Anonymous said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
Can't wait to meet her!

Shyla said...

I can remember her puppy breath looking at these :)

So wicked cute!

Tera said...

adorable! i want to squeeze her!!

Brett Bollman said...

Olive is pretty cute... I have to say!

That last one on the right... GREAT picture!