January 22, 2009

Playing Catch Up with Pictures

I used to be SO good at posting pictures when I take them...keeping all of you "in the know", and current, on all the exciting happenings of my life. Well, I guess I'm not too horrible at it, but I do have some pictures that I took over a few weeks ago, that I had all intentions of posting, and hadn't even gotten around to downloading them off my camera - GASP!!!

So....I have the right to play catch up. Follow along. :)

On New Year's Day (yea, we're going back that far).....Brett, Dave, Dayna and I all enjoyed a rather yummy breakfast at Summerland Cafe. The highlight of the meal was Brett's choice of beverage. I present you with "the best hot chocolate ever". What a shame that you have to travel ALL the way to SB to get this delicious drink. Guess you'd all better start booking your trips. :)

At this point, I can't remember what we did on the 2nd....oh, I worked. That's right. I had to be up for the 9am EST call (which was 6am CA time), and be the moderator. Oh well, it was my last time to ever have to do that....and obviously it didn't scar me too much if I'd already forgotten about it. And OH, that afternoon/evening, I went to meet Danielle, who will be my future roomie when I move to SB. She was college roomies with Shyla, and it turned out she was moving to SB soon too. I went to pick her up (in Brett's truck.....yes, I got to drive it....unsupervised even.....around SB, by myself, and I didn't get lost), and we spent almost 2 hours chatting at Starbucks. We hit it off immediately, and I am super excited about living with her once I get out there. Brett and I had some really yummy Mexican food that night at a place down in Montecito called Los Arroyos. I already proclaimed that it'll be the spot that I take my Texas friends when they come to visit. It passed all the tests for a good Mexican joint! :)

On Saturday, we went with Alex to one of Kirsten's games. She's the head coach for the Women's Westmont Basketball team. Alex came over to get us, and we walked towards campus. The girls were super impressive, and stomped up on San Diego...beating them 90-40.

Ok, I'm now going to be going back to semi-up to date times...so that's all for this post. :)

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