January 18, 2009

Just Because....

Today, I went to church (the worship team at LHC downtown is AMAZING), and then after that, I got a #1 with a Coke from Wendy's, and came home. It was the most beautiful day outside today in Austin, but I decided that, since I'm still battling what I can only guess is allergies, I should stay inside.

I started to sort through the closet in my study, sorted through boxes, put old unlabeled CDs into the computer to find out what's on them, threw a few things away (so far 2 bags full), packed half of one box, loaded some CDs into iTunes.....yeah, you get my point.....it was a very underwhelming day.

I actually watched a few shows tonight....on TV. As in, on TV, while they were being aired, with commercials and all. Crazy, I know!!

So, I am sitting here now, and noticed a folder on my desktop that I hadn't processed yet. It was a few shots that Brett and I took back when he was here from his Thanksgiving visit.

I liked these two, and I wanted to post them......just because. Well, maybe because I miss him....just a little bit. Since I'm now in a holding pattern until a renter comes along for my condo, we're not sure how the next few weeks will pan out, so I'm not sure when I'll see him next.

These pics made me smile, and I just felt like posting them. Just because.


Anonymous said...

Definitely easy to see why... especially the one on the right. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Amy said...

Wendyyyyyy's mmmmmm. Love your earrings in the banner pic! :)