January 25, 2009

Olive, Pizza and Triple Word Score

This morning we underestimated the crowd for breakfast at The Original Pancake House.....so we scarfed down our Eggs Michael and Two by Four....and managed to get to church just a few minutes late. Another wonderful service this morning, as per usual.

We stopped to hang out with Tara for a bit so Shyla could visit the best hairdresser in Austin for a trim, found ourselves a Sonic for an afternoon snack, and then hit up Guadeloupe for a taste of UT campus.

Toni got a new puppy today, Olive, so we stopped by to meet her......she's SO cute!!! The puppy that is....well, Toni is cute too.....but I'd say Toni is hot, not cute....ok, I'm digressing.....I stole these pics from her Facebook page since I didn't have my camera with me. I'll have to schedule some time with Olive for her welcome home photoshoot!! :)

We had picked up goodies to make dinner too. Shyla busted out the stuff, and cooked us up a mean margherita pizza. It was delicious!!!

The Scrabble game that we started last night after midnight was yet to be finished, so we completed that one, and played one more. Our second game was quite a doozy.....I think that my Mom would be impressed by the number of words that were played below other words....creating lots of words at one time. This was a new trick to Shyla, and I expect her opponents to be wowed when she pulls it out in her next challenge.


Anne said...

Nice playing there, girls. I'm impressed! Have never seen 'bisque' played before. Good one.

Beankountess said...

Olive made All Things Annemarie! Wow~ That is so sweet!
Looks like you guys had fun with pizza and scrabble!

Brett Bollman said...

That Scrabble board makes me really, really scared to sit down and play with you.