March 14, 2010

It's a Day Date!

I've really been enjoying getting to know Juliann over the last few months. We've had some really great conversations over a few dinners, and I always leave feeling more joyful after spending time with her. When she texted me yesterday to see if I wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens after church, I thought it'd be good to have a picnic while we were there too! So, our day date was planned!

I met her after the 10 service this morning and we stopped to get our sandwiches at The Daily Grind. We found our way up Mission Canyon Road to the spot, and Dana gladly accepted our passes and gave us the quick lowdown on the park. We found a nice sunny spot, put out the festival blankets and enjoyed our lunch.

After we had enjoyed our lunch and the sun for a bit, we took off for the mile hike around the park. I loved that we stumbled across this hollowed out stump that was in the shape of a heart.

The flowers here were in full bloom, and we both claimed that this was a spot that both of our Moms would love!

Before we got to the Redwood part of the park, there were these interesting statue-ish figures of parts of tree trunks stacked together. People had written on them, and we agreed that whoever wrote to thank God for all the beauty had it spot on!

I was floored to find a stone that looked to have my birthday carved into it....11-7. How funny!

The Redwood part of the park was pretty cool! The trees weren't as big as they are up near Yosemite, but they were still pretty hefty!

We stumbled across a few turtles that had their necks turned towards the sun...of course (Lora!). A few ducks, and some rather large acorns too! It was a lovely, sunny, stroll around the Botanical Gardens! So glad to have done that in SB!

On the way back towards my house, I mentioned the stairs at Mesa Lane, and Juliann hadn't seen them before. So, we took a quick detour and went down and then slowly made it back up. The waves were crashing and the beach was filled with people out enjoying the lovely weather.

I had a super great day date with Juliann and then came back to the casa to relax in the living room with Laura and enjoy the sun shining through the open windows! A wonderful Sunday!


Anne said...

You found the California Golden poppies! Beautiful. We have to go that park sometime.

loragaige said...

Haha! Ironically, I was turtling all weekend! :) It's been gorgeous here!

The City Girl said...

Where did you get your shoes?! Loves!