March 6, 2010


The original plan was to bike ride and have a picnic at the Mission but the forecast had other plans. So, last night we decided that it was going to be a BLT(A) day instead.

It was a collective effort to get the bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados and bread. Most from the Farmer's Market and a local bakery too. It was worth it...the best BLTandA ever!!!

Ranunculus are definitely my new favorite. Camille had these arranged with some of the blossoms that are all over SB right now, and I just loved them!

We all put together our sandwiches....and seriously, man, oh man, they were tasty. Elizabeth and I even went back for a second. Well, we made halves the second time...but I could have eaten another whole one. So yummy!

Fun, fun, as per usual!! Love the girls.

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