March 5, 2010

Hungry hungry kitty

After work today, I took a short trip to Forever XXI and found a few little things. Then I hopped into Nordstroms to buy the shoes that I've had my eyes on for the wedding. I'm not sure if they'll work but I still had to get them. :) Vanessa came to meet me there, she had to pick up a pair of jeans she had fixed. :)

Then we decided it was Friday, and it was a good time for us girls to hang out. So, we headed over to Hungry Cat. Since it's Camille's favorite place, when she called after her work, she skipped right over to join us. Magda came next, and then Amy too!! After a little while, we had half of the bar taken. They were the perfect seats as they are right next to the grill. So, we were entertained by Drake and Owen and their made skills in the kitchen.

At one point, Camille threw her hands up in the air, and exclaimed "This is the best meal I've ever least tonight!", and we all shouted out in laughter. It really was a super tasty meal....the Atlantic char, the clams with chorizo, and whatever else it was that we ate....they were all delicious!! I'm highly recommending that my friends from TX take a night to enjoy this restaurant when they are in town.

After dinner, we stood out front for a bit and wondered if we should do something else. After a few minutes of trying to decided....we figured that the evening was already perfect as it was, and went our separate ways to go home. I had a wonderful night with lovely girls once again.

I know Brett had just as much fun with his family in Vegas tonight...and will for the next few days while he's there for work. I miss him already but am glad to spend time with my girls while he's away. :)

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