March 15, 2010

Oh, Santa Barbara

I grabbed Brett on the way home from work and told him that it would be great if we were to catch the sunset by the beach. It was a beautiful day.....a few of us from work even ate outside on a grassy lawn to enjoy the sun.

We ran into Laura at her favorite beach. She was relaxing and watching one of her last Santa Barbara sunsets on a neat little wooden formation. I sat down next to her for a bit, and when I stood up, Brett pointed out to me that I just had sat in tar. Oh, boo!!

The three of us watched until the sun left us for the night, and then headed back on our ways. Laura was brought to tears thinking that this would be one of her last ones in SB....and if I think about it too much more myself, I'll be in the same way. It's just not going to be the same without her here.

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